Casablanca, Morocco


ITH Maroc is a company attached to Grupo Empresarial Electromédico which was founded in April 2010 in Morocco, whose headquarters are in Casablanca.

Our main activity is focused on the repair and maintenance of electro-medical equipment in public and private hospitals throughout Morocco. Our aim is to achieve the best possible preservation of electro-medical equipment and complementary installations in order to keep our customers satisfied.

In order to perform a good job and provide the greatest possible satisfaction to customers, ITH Maroc has a team of technicians and engineers in Casablanca with extensive experience in the field of electro-medical maintenance.

ITH Maroc has also inmediate support from Spain and all of the technical, training, administrative


and commercial deparments as well as from the General Management .

ITH Maroc’ human team has extensive experience and training on scanners, diagnostic imaging equipment, surveillance equipment and monitoring central unit, cardiology and dialysis equipment, anesthesia and resuscitation equipment, laboratory equipment, computer hardware and software and special equipment.

For the performance of our activity, we have measurement and safety equipment in our headquarters in Casablanca calibrated and verified by manufacturers in accordance with the regulations, and they are always available to our customers

ITH Maroc offers a huge catalog of medical products to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. You can view the current catalog online by clicking here

Some of the ITH Maroc reference hospitals are:

  • Centro Hospitalario Ibn Sina (Rabat)
  • Centro Hospitalario Universitario Mohammed VI (Marrakech)
  • Hospital Militar Avicenne (Marrakech)
  • Hospital Hassan II (Dakhla)

Among many other sanitary centers and private Clinics in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech.

We commit ourselves to…

  • Establishment of quick and complete quotes
  • A detailed service report for each intervention
  • Optimum performance on repair times
  • A 12 month warranty parts and labor