Lisbon, Portugal


Grupo Empresarial Electomédico reachs an agreement with Iberdata Hospitalar through its company Iberman S.A. in 2015 to offer electromedical maintenance service in Portugal. This union with Iberdata is seen like the safest and most eficient way to present GEElectromédico’s working philosophy to the country.

Iberdata Hospitalar offers electromedical equipment and sanitary facilities maintenance services as well as distributes medical equipments. They have a highly experience and ongoing trained staff physically present at the working center 365 days a year.

This allows Iberdata to offer swift solutions to any fault, keeping the hospital services in constant operation.

The sanitary maintenance services offered are beyond the simple support or comercialized equipment. Iberdata has te capability to offer technical support to all the equipments on the center and all the needed logictics and materials. The main goal of these services is to maximize the lifetime of all equipment and installations, in perfect conditions of use, as well as ensuring the safety of people at all times.

Iberdata Hospitalar offers the whole entire equipment life cycle maintenance: technical legal maintenance, corrective, preventive, predictive and conductive maintenance. Likewise, Iberdata have the experiencia, knowledge and infraestructure from the entire Grupo Empresarial Electromédico.